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Groupiehead's Google Services


Everyone knows Google is a very large search engine. About 50% of all Internet searches are performed by Google. Google is also much more than a search engine. Google offers many Internet-based services, such as Google Maps, Google Business, Google Analytics, Google Posts, and the list goes on. Anyone can have a great website without using any of Google's services, but many of these services can be a very helpful addition to any serious business. Below are just a few of the Google services Groupiehead can add to your website. Please let us know if we can help you with any of them.


Google Search Engine Optimization

Yes, you can have an amazing website, but if you want to show up well in Google's search results you need to add extra programming to your site. This includes website code using your keywords. Adding keywords to all the possible locations in the code can sometimes almost double the time it requires to build a website. The time involved in this search engine optimization will greatly depend on the specifics of the website and the keywords needed. We do guarantee that if you hire Groupiehead to optimize your site for a specific set of keywords, we will get you listed on the first page. If we don't get you listed on the first page of Google on the first try, we will work with you at no charge until we're successful.


Google Posts

If you have a business, it's very likely that has Google already built a Google page for you without your permission. It's important to have your Google information looking great and up-to-date with accurate information because the public will come across it more often than you realize. The posts you make to your Google account will also show up in a Google search and when someone searches for you directly.


Google Business / Google Places / Google Maps

These three services offered by Google overlap with Google+. These services will help establish your business with Google and GPS systems. These services can be very helpful in many situations, especially if your business has a physical location and address.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics is how Google collects information about the people viewing your website. Google can't tell you who the specific people are, but it can tell you a wealth of other information, like where people are from, how they are finding your website, how long they stay, what page they visited last, as well as a lot of other information.


Google Site Map

A Google site map is a non-public page of your website. This page has nothing to do with the Google Maps service. This page lists and describes all the pages of your website. Google will use this page to collect information on your website but it is not a page that the public will see. This page is not necessary for any website but if you are concerned with Google search results, it's recommended.


Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is a service provided by Google for people who program websites. This service will automatically review a website for errors and alert you about other improvements that can be made. This service is not necessary for any website, but is recommended when Google search results are important. This service can help make sure a website is working correctly and it also plays a role when Google ranks websites. This service also monitors the website regularly and will notify Groupiehead when changes in their programming will affect the rank of a given website.


Groupiehead's "Google Service"

If you are concerned with Google search engine results and interested in the services above, we can take care of everything for you and monitor your analytics and webmaster tools. We will review your accounts and make adjustments/changes as necessary every month. Groupiehead Detroit's set-up, monitoring, and use of these services are included in most of Groupiehead's social media services.  For more information, please call us or visit




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