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Social Media Marketing


The term SOCIAL MEDIA is used to describe a variety of websites and apps that people use everyday to communicate, share, play, learn, and inform.  Social media is a fantastic way to get your message, business, product, service, or advertising in front of your customers at no (or very little) expense.


It’s important to understand that whether you want social media for your business or not, it already exists. YES, Facebook, Google, and many other websites have already generated pages for your business whether you gave them permission or not! In many cases, the information used on these pages is out-of-date or incorrect. The public will come across these pages while looking for you, so it’s important your pages are up-to-date, professional, and active.


In many ways, social media pages are more important than “official” websites.  If you’re not active with social media, you’re losing business.  It’s a fact.  Google it.  Fifty percent of consumers think a brand’s Facebook Page is more important than a traditional website.


Why is Social Media Marketing so Important?


1) Social Media can allow consumers to feel more "connected" to the businesses, products, and services they use.


2) It’s where the people are.  Build your brand and message where your customers visit on a daily basis.  Don’t just sit and wait for them to come to you... go directly them!


3) Advertising on social media (and Google) is extremely inexpensive and you can focus an advertising campaign on your exact target market.


4) Search Engines. Not only do social media pages give you more opportunity to be found, but they can be a huge help in getting your official website on the first page of Google.


The Groupiehead Difference


Sure, anyone can help with your social media... and other firms can use programs like Hootsuite to make posts to Facebook and Twitter, but this is not going to help you the way Groupiehead will.  First, we understand SEO and website coding. We can take an ordinary post and make it much more valuable than the meaning of its words. Second, we don't use "time saving" software like Hootsuite, that can miss so many important factors that make up a good social media campaign.  Most importantly, we care about your success and we add many more services to your social media marketing plan that aren't performed by other agencies.


Just ask us... We'll sit down with you and show you how your current social media marketing plan can be improved.  If we can't show you any room for improvement, we'll do your social media marketing for 3 months at no charge!


Groupiehead feels that social media is so important to a business, that we built an entire website for it.  For more information on our social media marketing services, please visit our site:




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"For several years I was paying to have DexMedia (formerly Verizon telephone book) handle my website and social media account. DexMedia was charging me a substantial amount monthly and seemed to do very little. I was referred to Mark Rose by a fellow colleague (I am an attorney) after complaining about the lack of business I was receiving via the internet.

I eventually switched my website and social media account to Groupiehead (Mark Rose). During the past year my business referrals via the internet and social media have increased dramatically and my cost per month for this service is less than I was paying DexMedia.

Mark is prompt in returning emails and telephone calls and has always acted in a highly professional manner. I would highly recommend Mark Rose and his company Groupiehead if you are in need of a website and social media advertising."


- Edwin M. Adeson, Esq.


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